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Science Communication: VolcanoStories

GeoTenerife is committed to carrying out on-going coverage of the La Palma eruption through our open source project VolcanoStories.

When the volcano first erupted on 19 September 2021, GeoTenerife sent a team across to help with communication of the event for the global media outlets that were covering it. Our aim was to provide science content and context to ensure the event was reported accurately and helpfully.

Our associated volcanologist, Alexis Schwartz, and GeoInterns Ben Ireland and Rosie Rice were interviewed by media crews from across the world.

While we were in La Palma, we began to interview people impacted by and involved in the eruption, from road sweepers clearing the ash and evacuated families to the director of the institute responsible for the management of the scientific committee, the Spanish National Geographic Institute.

Since then, our Director, Sharon Backhouse and newly-appointed Junior Volcanologist, Ben Ireland (former 2021 GeoIntern) have been continuing to research the event, travelling regularly to La Palma and continuing to document developments and interview those affected.

We have compiled an extraordinary, first-hand account of the eruption from witnesses in the front line, and we will produce a Documentary of this in association with a British production company.

We are also collating all our research, analysis and other publicly-available material into an online resource called VolcanoStories, which will be openly available on our website.

As part of our commitment to ongoing research in La Palma, 8 of our summer students will travel to the island to continue our work on VolcanoStories with Sharon Backhouse and Ben Ireland to study and document the complex ongoing process of reconstruction of the island and its impact on the local population.

Students will carry out original research and interviews under our guidance, and produce press releases, social media content and a video during their two weeks with us in La Palma, with ongoing guidance and feedback from Andy Ridgway and Hannah Little.