Instagram vs Volcanic Realities: Ethical social media posting during volcanic crises.

Written by Rosie Rice, PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge, VolcanoStories Collaborator. Interviewed Dan Manns, PhD student at the University of Exeter, previously at the University of Iceland and 2018 GeoIntern.

We have long since entered an era where social media is our main source of news. Our timelines are oversaturated with ten-second reels, clickbait, delicate stories explained in 145 characters, and even the latest trends (such as 2023’s ins and outs) being used by government comms teams. A fast news cycle combined with a disaster of any scale can mean the people most affected can be put to one side to make way for likes, comments and revenue. This article will explore the ethics of using social media during disasters, with a specific focus on volcanic crises.