A TIME TO LISTEN: If residents are shouting, it's because they don't feel heard

By Sharon Backhouse, Director, GeoTenerife; Ajay Wynne Jones, VolcanoStories Content Coordinator; Natalia Puche-Polo, VolcanoStories Collaborator

Local activists are organising large-scale demonstrations across the Canary Islands on April 20th, to make their concerns heard over the impact of a rampant increase in tourism numbers and large-scale resorts planned in the islands. While the Canary Islands depend heavily on tourism for their income and are among world leaders in providing holidays in the sun, the current tourism model favours international developers with a record return on their investment and unrivalled occupancy rates year-round. This has led to traffic jams, pricing locals out of the housing market, and increase pressure on natural resources. Local administration representatives and hoteliers are speaking out against the demonstrations, saying that any negative coverage could impact tourism numbers and lead to job losses. However, reasonable and sustainable solutions are available.

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