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Our Skills



From July 29 to August 26, 2016
Environmental Research, Tenerife Canary Islands
2 UK undergraduates
Days off July 30 and 31, August 6, 7, 13, 14, 20 and 21

Programme J


During this period students will perform a field work to evaluate CH4 emission rates from a closed landfill as well as SO2 emissions from Power Plants at Tenerife Island.  Students will be trained to:
(i) use portable instrumentation to perform surface CH4 efflux measurements,
(ii) to apply statistical-graphical analysis of the collected data,
(iii) collect landfill gas samples for chemical and isotopic analysis,
(iv) evaluate CH4 emissions using Gaussian simulations,
(v) use lab instrumental such as micro-chromatography (microGC) and quadrupole mass spectrometer (QMS) to perform chemical analysis of the collected soil gas samples, and
(vi) use portable optical remote instruments such as miniDOAS and COSPEC to evaluate SO2 emissions from Power Plants.

To apply, please send your CV along with a covering letter of application NO LATER THAN Friday 25 March 2016 to enquiries@geotenerife.com.

Interns must be available in Tenerife for the whole period they have applied for. Internship includes shared accommodation, transfers to your changing daily workplace and all lectures, GeoTenerife excursions and outings. Flights to Tenerife not included.

The cost of the internship is £984 (includes VAT) for the month. If your application is successful, payment is to be made in full to GeoTenerife within 7 days or your place will be offered on. We run a tight waiting list for this purpose, and by applying to the programme you accept these conditions. In addition, strict terms and conditions apply for our internship programme, and a copy is to be signed by the applicant AND their supervising university tutor or professor.

Why do we charge for your internships?

Our internships are a learning experience, across a range of disciplines. You will be taught, challenged and supported on a daily basis. The scientists you will be working with, usually on a 1:1 or at most a 1:2 basis, are from INVOLCAN, the well-respected Canarian Volcanology Institute. The head of the institute, Dr Nemesio Pérez, is a geochemist and world-authority on geothermal potential and volcano degassing. The institute actively monitors volcanoes around the globe and publishes papers on their research, often leading the field in their findings. You may have the opportunity to contribute and be named on one of them.

Throughout your internship, you will receive feedback and guidance. This is an opportunity for you to sample a range of disciplines, and often helps young scientists to clarify which area they would like to concentrate on in future. It will also teach you real skills and techniques you will be able to take into the workplace.

The internship fee also covers all your accommodation and transfer costs (including to other islands for internships in La Palma or El Hierro).

Flights to and from Tenerife are not included and are your responsibility.