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Soil chemistry for geothermal exploration, Tenerife

JUN 7, JUL 7, AUG 2, SEP 2
Number of positions available: 1 per month

Water and gas sampling of natural discharges are the most common type of geochemical surveys for geothermal exploration. However, these natural discharges are generally scarce at geothermal exploration areas where the extent of the field is not known.

Therefore, soil chemical (Hg, As, NH3 and B) and soil-gas surveys (222Rn, CO2, He, H2, CH4, etc.) are becoming a useful geochemical tool to identify permeable areas and potential upflow or boiling zones.

These surveys can also help to delineate the margins of a geothermal system, and therefore often complement geophysical surveys particularly where the interpretation of geophysical data showssome difficulties.

During this programme the student will learn how to:

  • prepare soil samples for chemical analysis
  • prepare soil extracts to perform soil NH3 measurements using Ion-Selective-Electrode (ISE)
  • prepare soil extracts to perform soil B measurements using ICP
  • prepare soil extracts to perform soil Hg and As measurements using ICP-MS
  • analyze soil volatiles using ISE, ICP and ICP-MS
  • apply statistical-graphical analysis on the diffuse degassing survey data