Finding a Cure for Allergies in the Canary Islands

 Dr. María Díaz Torres
Executive Vice President, Head of the Department of Research & Innovation and Project Coordinator, AlerGenetica SL. PhD Biology, University of La Laguna, Tenerife.

Coordinator at the biotechnology and biomedicine company, AlerGenetica S.L., which she co-founded in 2008. AlerGenetica S.L. develop allergy-based immunotherapy vaccines in Tenerife.

Secondly, in 2011, Dr. Diaz Torres co-founded WeissBioTech Research SARL located in France to research and develop unique high performance industrial enzymes.

Dr. Diaz Torres also worked as a scientist for 13 years in a multinational company in Silicon Valley within the biotechnology sector.

She holds a degree in Biology from La Laguna University in Tenerife and a PhD in Microbiology from The National University of Ireland, with a further specialisation in biotechnology, molecular biology, protein expression, bacterial strain development, and metabolic engineering.

Dr. Diaz Torres is the inventor of more than 70 international patents and patent applications in the field of industrial microbiology and biomedicine, some of which are being exploited at present by biomedical companies. She is also the sole inventor of more than 10 granted patents.

Dr. Diaz Torres has managed to place the Canary Island company, AlerGenetica S.L., as a reference in the international biotechnology sector through collaborations with leading health and research centres in Europe and the USA.