At the end of each field trip we ask Professors and Undergraduates to fill out a feedback form. These are some of their comments


“Thank you so much for organising our trip – everything ran very smoothly and we couldn’t have done this without you.”

“Tenerife proved an excellent location for us and I know that the students got a lot out of it academically and, as important, gained a lot socially from their visit. Most of them said that the island was not at all what they had expected – their prior impressions of Tenerife were very much based on its reputation as a holiday destination and so they were bowled over by the landscape, the geography and the friendliness of everyone they met.”

“Our students will take very positive images back with them and tell everyone else in their year that theirs was the best fieldtrip!”

“As a group we were made to feel so welcome.”

“The Department is currently planning its fieldtrip programme for next Easter and I feel confident that we will wish to return next year”

“The fieldtrips were very successful. A great location, good visits and activities, and all made so much better by GeoTenerife’s involvement.”

“The trip was really great thanks. The students really enjoyed it. Thank you very much for organising such a great tour.”

“The highlights were clearly the involvement of your experts: their enthusiasm, knowledge and friendliness”

“The involvement of your experts made things really easy for us – they were great at explaining their subjects, and responding patiently to tirades of student questions off the cuff, which meant we could really take a back seat!”

“Next year we plan to return to Tenerife, again with 2 one-week trips”

“Your volcanology expert was, again, great at communicating complex volcanological concepts in very straightforward terms. His day provided all of us with excellent background, which many of the students will use in their project work.

“This fieldtrip has totally changed my perception of Tenerife”

“Fieldtrip was amazing, places visited were ideal”

“The university’s collaboration with GeoTenerife was great”

“It was good to experience authentic Tenerife”

“Great fieldtrip. Have had a brilliant week. Will definitely come back”

“The trip was amazing. A fantastic location. Would do it again”

“The collaboration with GeoTenerife worked really well”

“I have really enjoyed my time here”

“There are experiences I will remember for a long time”

To date, 100% of professors and students polled have rated their GeoTenerife fieldtrip “Very Good” or “Outstanding”