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Geoscience, Communication & Outreach

 David Calvo Fernández
Head of Scientific Outreach and PR & Communication Management at The Volcanology Institute of The Canary Islands (INVOLCAN)

David Calvo is the Head of Scientific Outreach, PR & Communication Management at Involcan. David has worked on a range of the world’s greatest volcanoes, including Etna, Pinatubo, Fogo and others in Central America, and after that he turned his career to outreach.

He is also a speaker and Content Manager for the educational programme Canary Islands: A volcanic window in the Atlantic Ocean (2008- present).

David also writes and presents a TV science programme, TELEPLANETA, on the 24-hour news channel on Spanish National Television (http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/videos/teleplaneta) as well as the radio programme Planeta Vivo Radio (http://www.planetavivoradio.es).

David worked as the scientific advisor and presenter of the documentary “Canary Islands: Land of Volcanoes”, scientific advisor and presenter of the documentary “Teneguía: The Kind Volcano“, and presenter of the documentary “San Juan: The Amazing Volcano“.

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