What Type and Amount of Gases are emitted by Volcanoes to the Atmosphere?

 Dr. Nemesio Pérez
Coordinator of The Volcanology Institute of The Canary Islands (INVOLCAN)

Dr Pérez worked as a European Union STF Researcher at The University of Tokyo (Japan); was a Fulbright Post-Doc Researcher in Louisiana State University (USA) and has a doctorate from La Laguna University and a degree in geochemistry from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

The main research guidelines of INVOLCAN are related to the reduction of volcanic risk in the Canary Islands and other active volcanic regions, using groundwater resources in volcanic islands and their environmental quality, specifically with air quality studies and contaminating atmospheric emissions. This programme of volcanological research is not only in the framework of the Canarian volcanism, but also in other more active volcanic systems so as to offer a better training of their researchers in case of a volcanic phenomenon. Other research guidelines are related to the monitoring and prediction of earthquakes by geochemical methods and geothermal exploration.