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Like the look of our Summer Programme, but need a little extra help to be able to participate? Apply for one of our Scholarships. Each GeoTenerife Scholar will have the full cost of the course paid (which includes accommodation, excursions, lectures, teaching, transport and transfers to other islands where applicable) and a stipend of €125 per week during the four week programme to assist with travel and subsistence costs. Please note flights to/from Tenerife are NOT included and are your responsibility to book. We are, however, responsible for you from the moment you land in Tenerife until you depart, and our dedicated on-island field manager will be on-hand throughout and oversee your programme.

As a guide, on average 2017 students spent around €200 on subsistence during the whole four-week programme. All accommodation we supply has access to WIFI and shared kitchen facilities, and we ensure you can get to a supermarket regularly.

GeoTenerife is passionate about enabling access, and our scholarship programme demonstrates our ongoing commitment to help talented, young scientists. The programme is not yet perfect – but we are doing our best to open our programmes as wide as we can, and we genuinely aim to improve this year on year.

With this in mind, if you apply for a scholarship, that is the only application you will be allowed to submit. This is not intended as a “nice alternative” to those who want to hedge their bets by applying both ways. It is an honest attempt to enable students to access our programmes who otherwise might not be able to apply.

Given the experience of our Field School scholarships in March for our @volcanocamp, we anticipate our Summer Programme scholarships will be heavily oversubscribed. With this in mind, please read the following instructions carefully, fill in the form and submit before the deadline 3 March 2018.

We invite applications from talented undergraduates or recent graduates from relevant fields of study. You will need to supply a contact referee to support your application – this should be either your current or very recent university professor. We will contact the referees of scholars on the short list in March 2018, so please ensure they are willing to act as referee on your behalf before submitting your application to us.

Good luck!

Summer Programme SCHOLARSHIP application form

Please note you will only be able to submit ONE application – therefore, please ensure all the following details are correct.

Our 2018 Summer Programme is now CLOSED for applications