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Our Skills


Summer Programme

Please note you will only be able to submit ONE application – therefore, please ensure all the following details are correct.

  • Programme/s applied for

    By ticking you confirm that you are available for the whole four weeks of the relevant programme. Each programme runs for four weeks:

    June: 5 June - 3 July 2020
    July: 3-31 July 2020
    August: 31 July - 28 August 2020
    September: 28 August – 25 September 2020

  • In order to complete your application, you must agree to the following declarations by ticking the box below each paragraph.

    Fit for work
    If selected, I understand that I must be available in Tenerife for the whole period of the programme I have applied for. ALL PROGRAMMES BEGIN AND END IN TENERIFE - GeoTenerife will transfer you to other islands as part of your programme cost if you are working elsewhere. I understand that physical fitness is an important requirement for this programme. Teide Summit Cone, for example, involves fieldwork at around 3700m of altitude, and the last few hundred metres from the cable car to the summit are reached by hiking up. Some of the work may be on slippery, rocky or unstable ground for which you will require good balance and suitable footwear. I know I must behave in a responsible and professional manner at all times. If I fail to follow a professional work ethic at any time I understand my programme could be terminated at short notice and I will need to make my own way home. GeoTenerife will have no further liability for me.

  • Additional expenses
    I understand that the programme cost includes shared accommodation, transfers, lectures, permits, liability and work place insurance and excursions. I understand that flights to and from Tenerife are not included in the programme, and I must book and pay for them myself. GeoTenerife will endeavour to ensure there will be a shared kitchen available and I must budget at least €200 for subsistence. The programme cost does not cover personal health insurance, so you must either take out your own private health insurance or pay for any medical attention you may require for personal health issues. Students from EU countries other than Spain should bring their current EHIC card.

  • Cost and payment
    The cost of the programme is £1,750 (UK pounds sterling). I understand that if my application is successful, payment is to be made to GeoTenerife within 7 days of an offer being made to me to secure my place or my place will be offered on. GeoTenerife run a tight waiting list for this purpose, and by applying to the programme I accept these conditions. I will be able to pay either by bank transfer or online using a credit card and a service like TransferWise to GeoTenerife's UK account in pounds sterling.

  • Terms, conditions and reference
    In addition, strict terms and conditionsapply for this programme, and I agree to sign a copy of them and adhere to them if I am successful in my application.

  • Take a moment to ready through your application to ensure everything is correct. Thank you!