La Palma eruption update 22nd December 2021: Background levels of tremor continue

La Palma eruption – 22nd December 2021

Daily summary

Volcanic tremor continues at background levels, with no eruptive activity seen, although a reactivation cannot be ruled out. If the current levels are maintained, the authorities will be able to call an end to the eruptive process on December 25th. PEVOLCA has advanced the planning of the reconstruction phase of basic services in anticipation of this event and hopes to start work as soon as possible once this has been declared.

The deformation recorded at the LP03 station in Jedey, the closest GPS station to the eruption, returned after a partial reversal on the previous day, and is being continually monitored. However, no other trends are seen across the deformation network. PEVOLCA again reminds that in the El Hierro eruption, residual seismicity and deformation also occurred as the subsurface re-adjusted. 23 earthquakes were recorded, peaking at M2.5 with 16 <M2.0, largely at intermediate (<20 km) depths.

The level of SO2 emissions from the plume were maintained from the previous day, registering a low (50-500 tonnes per day) value. Irrigators continue to be allowed into the evacuated zone from the north and south, however in the south only outdoor work has been allowed in Puerto Naos, and entry into La Bombilla has not been allowed due to high gas levels. PEVOLCA continues to explain these emissions are due to the solidification of superficial magma in the conduits, rather than magma ascent. Air quality remains good in all stations, in respect to both PM10 and SO2 concentrations.

A smoking, rubblely mass of brown and black lava stick out into the sea. Breaking waves are seen at the edge of the lava flows, where erosion has formed beaches

The cooling southern lava delta photographed on the 22nd December. Image credit: IGME, CSIC, Government of the Canary Islands

Sources: Government of the Canary Islands, PEVOLCA, Involcan, IGN, DSN, Cabildo La Palma, 112 Canarias, Tolouse VAAC, Copernicus EMS

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