Working on Volcanoes Worldwide

 Dr. Pedro Antonio Hernández Pérez
Geochemist, Volcanology Institute of The Canary Islands (INVOLCAN)

Pedro Antonio Hernández is a Ph D geochemist from the Autonomous Univerisity of Madrid (1997) and graduated in Chemistry from the University of La Laguna. He spent four years at the Laboratory for Earthquake Chemistry of The University of Tokyo, Japan, as a European Union STF Researcher (1998-1999) and as a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science post-doctoral fellow (2000-2001). He has many years’ experience in world volcanoes and is closely involved in the study and monitoring of volcanic activity throughout Macaronesia.

Having worked on a range of volcanoes across the globe, his other area of interest now involves studying the most active and dangerous volcanoes in Japan, on which he works in close collaboration with the University of Tokyo. He splits his time between Tokyo and Tenerife.

In 2001, he published a paper in the prestigious scientific journal SCIENCE about precursory carbon dioxide signatures of the 2000 Usu volcano eruption in Japan.

His main scientific topics as researcher of INVOLCAN are gas and volatile emissions in natural systems; infrared imagery; environmental geochemistry; geothermal exploration by geochemical methods and volcanic activity monitoring through geochemical methods.