New VONA issued as ash plume reaches 4800 m

New VONA issued as ash plume reaches 4800 m

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Rapid decrease in the number of seismic events but a high magnitude is maintained.

Effusive/strombolian activity

Since the last statement, a total of 26 earthquakes have been located, 4 of them felt by the population. The maximum magnitude recorded is 3.9 (mbLg) corresponding to today’s earthquake at 7:53 UTC, with a depth of 11 km and intensity IV. In the period considered, 7 earthquakes have been located at a depth of around 30 km and the rest of the hypocenters of the period are located at a shallower depth, around 12 km. The amplitude of the volcanic tremor signal continues at lower-mean levels. The island’s network of permanent GNSS stations does not show a clear trend in the deformation of the stations closest to the eruptive centres. In the rest of the stations, the slight deflation possibly related to deep seismicity has stabilized, except in LP01, which continues to register it. Yesterday at 12:50 UTC, due to the increase in the height of the eruptive column, the IGN issued a new VONA (Volcano Observatory Notice for Aviation) communicating that said height was 4800 masl (IGN, 2021). Flows 4, 5, and 7 at the Northern end of the flow field continued to widen, advance, and fill in gaps. On the 24th of November, the easternmost vent produced a fast-moving flow that traveled along the southern margin of Flow 10 and around the S side of Montaña Cogote, this flow advanced through the Las Manchas cemetery and inundated parts of a solar power plant. The lava effusion rate increased at the main crater vents at 0900 on 25th November, and around 1100 two small E-W fissures opened less than 1 km South of the main cone (GVP, 2021).

This video taken on the 25th of November shows the emission point of a lava flow which is flowing down the steep sides of Tajogaite. This lava flows produced large braided channels within the lava flow field this day. Sourced from IGME (2021).

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