The lava lake overflowed and fed multiple lava flows

The lava lake overflowed and fed multiple lava flows

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Rapid decrease in the number of seismic events but a high magnitude is maintained.

Effusive/strombolian activity

Since the last statement, a total of 128 earthquakes have been located in the area, 6 of them felt by the population. 101 of these earthquakes are located at depths 10-15 km and the rest at depths around 20 km. The maximum recorded magnitude is 5.0 (mbLg) corresponding to today’s earthquake at 8:35 UTC, with a depth of 35 km and intensity IV-V. The amplitude of the volcanic tremor signal increased yesterday, today it has decreased to the average values of the last few days. In the last few hours, the tremor signal has increased again. The island’s network of permanent GNSS stations shows a reversal of the elevation recorded between November 24 and 26 at station LP03, which is the closest to the eruptive centers. In the rest of the stations, the slight deflation possibly related to deep seismicity has stabilized, except in LP01, which continues to register it. The height of the cone is measured obtaining a value of 1,126 masl. Using a calibrated image IGN estimates at 09:15 UTC, a column height of 1,400 masl and a scattering cloud in the south-southwest direction (IGN, 2021). Around 2000 the effusion rate caused the lava lake to overflow. Three flows were active: Flow 11 ran from Montaña Rajada to the N of Montaña Cogote, one fed the lava deltas off the coast, and the third was located to the NW between Flows 4 and 7 (GVP, 2021).

This video taken on the 19th of November shows the evaporation of rainwater that has fallen on top of the still-hot lava flows. In the background there is an active lava flow Sourced from IGME (2021).

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