Bird watching tour with us in Tenerife

Tenerife, nestled in the Canary Islands, boasts a diverse range of ecosystems, making it a haven for birdwatchers worldwide. From lush laurel forests to volcanic landscapes, the island offers a tapestry of habitats teeming with avian life. Coastal cliffs provide nesting sites for seabirds like the Cory’s Shearwater and the Bulwer’s Petrel, while inland forests host species such as the endemic Blue Chaffinch and the elusive Laurel Pigeon.

Our birdwatching tours on Tenerife offer an unparalleled opportunity to explore these ecosystems with expert guides who are passionate about conservation and birdlife. Unlike mass tourism operators, we prioritize sustainable practices, ensuring minimal ecological impact while maximizing the enjoyment of our guests. Our small group sizes allow for personalized experiences, fostering a deeper connection to Tenerife’s natural wonders.

GeoTenerife can organise day to week-long personalised birding tours for you, with the best local guides.

Why us?

By choosing our birdwatching tour, guests not only embark on an unforgettable adventure with a wildlife specialist but also contribute to sustainable tourism efforts in Tenerife, please see our Sustainable Tourism project to see how passionate we are about providing truly sustainable tours.


We make every effort to make sure our tour benefits the residents of the island and take precautions so that our actions continue to protect the island’s fragile ecosystems and preserve its endemic bird species for future generations to enjoy. Join us on a journey of discovery, where every sighting is a testament to the beauty and resilience of Tenerife’s avian inhabitants.

Bird species of Tenerife

African blue tit

The African Blue Tit, subspecies C. t. teneriffae, is an endemic bird to only Tenerife and La Gomera, captivates birdwatchers with its vibrant plumage and lively behaviour. These charming songbirds are found primarily in the island’s laurel forests, particularly in protected areas such as Anaga Rural Park and Garajonay National Park. With their distinctive blue and yellow markings, African Blue Tits flit among the dense foliage, foraging for insects and seeds, their melodious calls adding to the enchanting ambience of Tenerife’s lush woodlands. Join our birdwatching tours to catch a glimpse of these endemic treasures in their natural habitat, where every sighting is a testament to the island’s unique biodiversity.


The Whimbrel, a charismatic shorebird endemic to Tenerife in areas of El Médano, La Tejita, and La Caleta, is a fascinating species to encounter on our birdwatching tours. With its distinctive long, curved bill and mottled brown plumage, the Whimbrel is often found foraging along the island’s sandy shores and estuaries, probing for crustaceans and invertebrates. These migratory birds arrive in Tenerife during their wintering season, seeking refuge from the harsh conditions of their breeding grounds.


The Hoopoe is a striking and distinctive bird with its distinctive salmon pink crest of feathers and long bill, black and white wings, with an erratic flight, which is like that of a giant butterfly; this is one of Tenerife’s most fascinating endemic species. These charismatic birds can be observed in a variety of habitats across Tenerife, particularly in open woodlands, parks, and gardens. They are often spotted probing the ground with their slender bills in search of insects, their primary source of food. Their distinctive “hoop-hoop-hoop” call echoes through the air as they communicate with their mates and defend their territories.

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Great spotted woodpecker

With its glossy black upperparts, distinctive white shoulder patch, and crimson lower abdomen, this endemic bird is a sight to behold. Listen for its loud ‘tchk’ call echoing through the woodland as you explore the ancient laurel forests of Anaga Rural Park and Teno Rural Park, where the Great Spotted Woodpecker thrives. With our expert guides leading the way, you’ll learn to identify its drumming sound, distinguish it from other species, and immerse yourself in the diverse habitats where this remarkable bird makes its home.

Lesser Yellowlegs

The Lesser Yellowlegs, an endemic bird species to Tenerife, with its slender legs and bright yellow bill, this bird can be found foraging along the island’s coastal marshes, wetlands, and lagoons.

Join our birdwatching tours, and listen out for the Lesser-Yellowlegs soft, whistled “tew” calls, typically only one or two notes, to catch a glimpse of the elegant Lesser Yellowlegs as it gracefully navigates the shores of Tenerife, often spotted in Las Galletas.

Learn more about the Lesser Yellowleg here.



The Sanderling, a delightful shorebird native to Tenerife and other coastal regions, captivates birdwatchers with its energetic foraging antics along the island’s sandy beaches. With its small size and characteristic scurrying motion, the Sanderling is a common sight along Tenerife’s shores, often spotted in El Medano and Granadilla de Abona, darting in and out of the surf in search of tiny invertebrates buried in the sand. These charismatic birds are known for their distinctive black legs, white underparts, and subtly mottled plumage, providing a charming spectacle for nature enthusiasts. This species migrates from its breeding grounds, wintering on the coasts of Tenerife, book an autumn/winter tour with us to see the sanderling.

Cory's Shearwater

The Cory’s Shearwater, a magnificent seabird endemic to the Canary Islands, including Tenerife, is a sight to behold on our birdwatching tours. These seabirds boast a light brown upper body with a white underside, showcasing a yellow bill with a dark subterminal band. Found breeding on rocky islands and cliffs,  these remote and inaccessible locations provide ideal nesting sites, away from human disturbance, where the shearwaters can raise their chicks in peace. During our birdwatching tours, guests have the opportunity to observe these majestic birds as they soar above the open ocean, their haunting calls echoing across the waves, creating unforgettable memories of Tenerife’s rich avian diversity.


The Atlantic Canary, a symbol of the Canary Islands and a beloved endemic bird of Tenerife, enchants birdwatchers with its melodious songs. Found throughout the island’s diverse habitats, including pine forests, scrublands, and gardens, these charming birds add a splash of colour to Tenerife’s natural landscapes, from the dense forests of Anaga Rural Park to the arid slopes of Teide National Park. With their distinctive yellow underparts and greenish-grey backs, Atlantic Canaries are often seen flitting among the branches, foraging for seeds and insects. Our birdwatching tours offer ample opportunities to observe and photograph these endemic treasures in their native habitats, providing a deeper appreciation for the unique biodiversity of Tenerife.

Blue Chaffinch

Tenerife’s endemic birds are a testament to the island’s unique biodiversity, with each species adapted to its specific habitat. The Tenerife Blue Chaffinch (Fringilla teydea) is perhaps the most iconic endemic bird, found almost exclusively in the Pinus canariensis forests (pine forests) of Tenerife’s higher altitudes. These forests, such as those in the Teno Rural Park and Anaga Rural Park, provide the perfect habitat for the Blue Chaffinch, where they can be spotted flitting amongst the branches in search of seeds and insects.

Other bird species you might see on our bird watching tours of Tenerife

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