La Palma eruption update 25th september 2021: New effusive vents open

La Palma eruption update 25th september 2021: New effusive vents open

Daily summary

Given the evolution of the eruptive activity over the last 24 hours, it was decided by PEVOLCA to maintain the latest evacuation order given on the 24th. The two effusive vents that opened on the 24th on the side of the cone showing effusive (Hawaiian) behaviour and emitting lava flows have merged into one vent, exhibiting the same behaviour. The lava flow from this merged vent is fluid but has slowed, from about 80 m per hour in the night of the 24th/25th to 40 m per hour by the afternoon of the 25th. So far, it has travelled approximately 3.6 km on top of previous flows. The older flows are still active, although the front is only advancing incrementally currently. The explosivity of the strombolian activity from the main cone has decreased slightly since the afternoon of the 24th where the highest peak in the eruptive intensity so far was recorded. The activity is concentrated in the main cone through at least three strombolian vents, in addition to a new Hawaiian vent at the base of the NW sector of the main cone. Furthermore, a small rupture in the southern side of the main cone overnight noticeably altered its summit morphology.

Volcanic tremor peaked on the afternoon of the 24th and remains at a lower but still medium-high level, showing an increasing trend later in the day. The ash plume height exceeds 4000 m, although ongoing atmospheric conditions favour dispersion to the east and at lower levels (<1500 m) causing more disruption to La Palma airport. SO2 emissions from the volcano remain at relatively high levels, estimated at >25,000 tons per day. Deformation also remains stable across the network, with no patterns of inflation or deflation seen. Earthquake activity remains at a low level, although with a slight increase and migration further east relative to previous days. 4 events were recorded at around 10 km depth, peaking at 2.8 mbLg.

A landscape picture showing more intense ash plumes on the left and a small plume a few hundred m to the right showing the new vent

The main cone of the eruption (left) and a new vent (right). Image credit: INVOLCAN

Sources: Government of the Canary Islands, PEVOLCA, Involcan, IGN, DSN, Cabildo La Palma, 112 Canarias, Tolouse VAAC

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