Reversal of vertical and westward deformation

Reversal of vertical and westward deformation

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Rapid decrease in the number of seismic events but a high magnitude is maintained.

Effusive/strombolian activity

Since the last statement, 52 earthquakes have been located in the area, four felt by the population. At 10:19 UTC yesterday, an earthquake of magnitude 4.6 mbLg was registered at a depth of 37 km, felt by the population with a maximum intensity of IV-V. Hypocentres continue to have two groups of depths one between 10-15km and another around 30 km deep below the Cumbre Vieja. The tremor signal continues in a range of low values with fluctuations in the last few hours. The island’s network of permanent GNSS stations shows a complete reversal of the vertical deformation recorded between November 17 and 19, partial reversal in the westward deformation, and consolidation of the southward deformation at station LP03 (IGN, 2021). Crater overflows occured again, lava flows filled in the gaps between Flow 4 and 7 (GVP, 2021).

This video taken on the 21st of November shows a single lava flow that has bifurcated, erratic blocks can be observed floating within the lava flow. Sourced from IGME (2021).

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