Several new vents opened today

Several new vents opened today

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The number of earthquakes recorded and felt by the population reduce

Renewed phreatomagmatic and strombolian activity

Since the last statement, a total of 36 earthquakes have been located in the area, none of them felt by the population. 33 of these earthquakes are located at depths 9-17 km and only 3 at depths greater than 34 km. The maximum recorded magnitude is 3.4 (mbLg) corresponding to two earthquakes yesterday, at 12:19 UTC and 14:48 UTC, with depths of 36 km and 13 km respectively. The amplitude of the tremor signal remains low and more stable than in previous days. GNSS stations shows a complete reversal of the elevation recorded on December 2nd at station LP03, which is the closest to the eruptive centers. LP01, a GNSS station located further from the eruptive centres than LP03 continues register slight deflation. Using a calibrated image IGN estimated at 08:45 UTC, a ash cloud height of 1,400 masl. The height of the cone is measured obtaining a value of 1,124 masl (IGN, 2021). The NE vent was quiet by 4th December, however, several new vents along an E-W fissure located West of Montaña del Cogote opened at noon. Lava flows from the new vents travelled south west onto new ground destroying 60 homes in Tazacorte and Los Llanos de Aridane. By the 5th of December this lava flow had joined with lava flow 9 and reached the sea cliff in Las Hoyas (GVP, 2021).

This video taken on the 4th of December shows active lava flows inundating an area of housing, destroying a road. Sourced from IGME (2021).

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