Significant increase in earthquake and volcanic tremor signal increases

Significant increase in earthquake and volcanic tremor signal increases

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Rapid increase in number of seismic events and slight increase in average magnitude.

Ash plume climbs rapidly as phreatomagmatic activity increases.

Since yesterday, 210 earthquakes have been located in the area, 10 of which were felt by the population. The largest earthquake was recorded at 07:17 UTC today with a magnitude of 4.7 mbLg and was located 35 km deep. This earthquake was felt with a maximum intensity of IV. As in previous days, the hypocenters of the earthquakes are located under the central area of Cumbre Vieja and distributed in two groups; a first group at a depth of 10-15 km and a second group with depths greater than 30 km. The island’s network of permanent GNSS stations shows a slight deformation to the south at station LP03, which is the closest to the eruptive centers. The height of the cone is measured obtaining a value of 1,129 masl, 1 m less than on the 14th of November (IGN, 2021). Flow 5 advanced along the Northern base of Montaña de Todoque and along the southern edge of Flow 4. Strombolian activity and ash emissions reduced on 17th reduced and then increased again later in the day causing the ejection of larger pyroclasts from the vents in the upper part of the cone (GVP, 2021).

This video taken on the 17th of November shows a reduction in eruptive behaviour of pyroclasts but continued fumarole behaviour. Sulfur deposits are moved by the wind. Sourced from IGME (2021).

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