The main cone inflates by 6 cm

The main cone inflates by 6 cm

Red traffic light

Vertical uplift and subsidence near the eruptive centre

Effusive/strombolian activity

Since the last statement, a total of 74 earthquakes occurred, 15 of these earthquakes are located at depths 10-15 km and the rest at depths greater than 30 km. Of these earthquakes, 2 of them were felt by the population. The maximum recorded magnitude is 3.5 (mbLg) corresponding to yesterday’s earthquake at 19:56 UTC, with a depth of 36 km. GNSS stations shows an vertical elevation change of about 6 cm between November 24 and 26 at station LP03, which is the closest to the eruptive centers, and continued deflation futher from the eruptive centre. Using a calibrated image IGN estimated at 09:25 UTC, a column height of 1,700 masl and a scattering cloud in the southwest direction. The height of the cone is measured obtaining a value of 1,127 masl (IGN, 2021). Flow 7 continued to widen today (GVP, 2021).

This video taken on the 27th of November shows drone footage of the ash and steam covered central cone. A jet of lava erupts from the central vent, producing a small ash plume. Sourced from IGME (2021).

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