The two lava deltas have merged

The two lava deltas have merged

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Ash plume climbs rapidly as phreatomagmatic activity increases.

Since yesterday, 35 earthquakes have been located in the southern part of the island of La Palma. Two of them have been felt by the population. The highest recorded magnitude value was 4.5 mbLg, corresponding to an earthquake that occurred at 10:20 UTC yesterday and was located 37 km deep, this was felt with maximum intensity IV. The tremor signal continues at low values, similar to the previous days. Deformation remains similar to previous days; elevation near the eruptive centres is slightly decreased, continued deformation towards the south, however the slight deflation further from the eruptive centre ceased. Using a calibrated image, a column height of 3,100 masl and with a northwest direction is estimated by IGN at 08:45 UTC (IGN, 2021). On 13 November, three lava flows continued to feed Flow 1, and to a lesser extent Flows 2 and 9, which in turn fed the lava deltas along the Los Guirres Beach. By the 15th of November the two southern lava deltas merged, flow 9 had reached the sea, a new delta formed on Charcón Beach (GVP, 2021).

This video taken on the 15th of November shows fumarole activity and the ash plume at the South east vent. Sourced from IGME (2021).

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