Volcanic tremor remains high

500m increase in height of eruptive column since yesterday

Red traffic light

Earthquake magnitudes, intensity, and quantity increase and deflation of the eruptive centre is observed.

Lava spreads and prompts confinements which are later lifed as risk reduces.

Since the 12th of October, 66 earthquakes have been located, 6 felt by the population. Of the earthquakes located since the last communication, 5 were found at depths greater than 30 km, and the rest of the hypocenters are located at a shallower depth, around 12 km. The earthquakes with the greatest magnitude took place at 03:22 UTC on the 13th, with a value of 3.9 mbLg at a depth of 37 km. The total number of earthquakes observed has greatly decreased in the past two days in comparison to the previous week. The volcanic tremor signal maintains a high mean amplitude, with no intensification pulses. The height of the eruptive column measured at 6:30 UTC is 3,000m (IGN, 2021).

This video taken on the 13th of October shows a new lava flow from the vent to it's advancing front. Sourced from IGME (2021).

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