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We will be profiling all our other collaborators here shortly

Future directions for the campaign:

We will continue to work with the school in the coming weeks and months and running initiatives to ensure they are supported long into the future. Among our aspirations is making links to the affected schools in La Palma with other schools across Europe, encouraging forward collaboration. We also hope to use our existing networks of geoscience experts across the Canary Islands to foster geoscience education in schools.

At Christmas we ran a raffle for a free week’s holiday at our historic HQ in Tenerife, a 4-bed property with infinity pool and panoramic views to the sea. We ran the draw live on Instagram on New Year’s Eve.

We are still collecting and distributing donations for those affected by the eruption, which are being distributed through the Tierra Bonita campaign to ensure the funds get directed to where they are most needed. You can read more about the Tierra Bonita campaign and their objectives here: https://asociaciontierrabonita.org/.


The SamuLaPalma Campaign was run for three months through JustGiving before the donations were collected and distributed. This table details the dates, amounts, recipients and reasons for the distribution of funds, up to August 2022. The remaining donations not yet spent will be distributed among those who lost their homes and spoke to us as part of our “Lava Bombs” documentary.