Terms of use and referencing

All the content on the made available through the Volcano Stories project is subject to our terms of use as detailed below. The section of the website dedicated to the project is also subject to the general terms and conditions of the GeoTenerife website. In cases of conflict between the two guides, the specific Volcano Stories terms of use guide presides over the general guide for the website for matters concerning Volcano Stories material.

Intellectual Property Rights –

The material of the Volcano Stories project forms an original compilation of materials including text, images, audio and videos, compiled for non-commercial, educational purposes by the owner GeoTenerife. The materials used in the compilation represent both original material produced and owned by GeoTenerife, as well as materials used or adapted from others purely for educational purposes, with permission or in compliance with applicable law. Whilst all reasonable efforts have been made to attribute sufficient and accurate acknowledgement to the sources of the compiled materials, GeoTenerife encourages users to report any errors, omissions or recommendations to enquiries@geotenerife.com.

Permitted and Unauthorised uses –

Volcano Stories material can be used for personal and educational uses under the exemptions of the UK Copyright Law (https://www.gov.uk/guidance/exceptions-to-copyright#overview) on the condition that sufficient acknowledgement is given following the referencing guide below.

Volcano Stories material cannot be used for commercial purposes. If you have a desire to use material from Volcano Stories for commercial purposes, or any other use outside of the aforementioned permitted uses, you must contact enquiries@geotenerife.com with a detailed outline of how and why you want to use the material and obtain written permission from GeoTenerife BEFORE using the material.

Referencing guide –

As a minimum, please credit “GeoTenerife Volcano Stories” and include the URL of the landing page (https://geotenerife.com/volcanostories). In addition, if you are referring to specific content or a specific section of Volcano Stories, please also include a URL for the section or content and credit the name of the page in the same style as the landing page.

For academic referencing, please adapt the following examples (Harvard) to your preferred or required referencing format:

GeoTenerife, 2023. Volcano Stories. Backhouse, S., Ireland, B., Wynne-Jones, A., Rice, R. (eds.).
https://geotenerife.com/volcanostories. [Accessed dd/mm/YYYY]

GeoTenerife, 2023. Volcano Stories – Terms of use and referencing guide. Backhouse, S., Ireland, B., Wynne-Jones, A., Rice, R. (eds.). https://geotenerife.com/volcanostories/terms-of-use-and-referencing-guide. [Accessed dd/mm/YYYY]