Field skills

This programme will be split into two weeks during Weeks 3 and 4:

Field skills

An intensive week with Dr Richard Brown of Durham University to undertake original research to further our knowledge of Tenerife’s prehistoric explosive volcanic eruption events.

Dr Brown is a world expert on explosive volcanology and Tenerife ignimbrites.

He is a volcanologist working in Higher Education in the UK with >20 years’ experience conducting field-based research on volcanoes around the world. Expertise in application of volcanology to petroleum geology and diamond exploration and resource development. He teaches university courses in Volcanology, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Earth Science, Optical Mineralogy, Igneous Petrology and supervises PhD and Masters students.

He has conducted fieldwork in Tenerife, Italy, UK, Iceland, USA, El Salvador, Ascension Island, Botswana, Tanzania, South Africa, Germany, Namibia, Turkey and India and published >60 scientific papers and book chapters.

Geophysics Survey

The second week will be on a geophysics survey in association with Dr Pablo González of CSIC (the Spanish National Research Council). Students will be trained on and use a gravimeter to assist in the study and mapping of fractures.

Teaching for both weeks will be fully supported by our resident expert, Alexis Schwartz and our local, bilingual field trip coordinator Ignacio Garcia.