Field work

In collaboration with:

Professor David Foster, University of Florida.
Fernando Borrás Castelló, Drones4Geology.
Dr Alvaro Márquez, Mineralogy and Petrology department, Complutense University of Madrid..
Jaime Coello Bravo, Director of Telesforo Bravo Foundation.

During two weeks, students on Programme B will be conducting field work in La Palma on our original research follow-up, including a vegetation survey; drone survey, reactivation report and sampling.

Professor David Foster studies the tectonic evolution of continents using temperature sensitive isotopic dating methods (thermochronology). Geological processes like mountain building, magmatism, basin formation, and erosion involve the transfer of heat so thermochronology provides important information about the growth and deformation of continents over time. He also uses the 40Ar/39Ar, U-Pb, fission-track, and U-Th/He dating methods to determine the crystallization of plutonic rocks, the eruption age of volcanic rocks, and the provenance and thermal history of sedimentary rocks.

Dr Alvaro Marquez is a full professor in the department of Mineralogy and Petrology in the Geology Faculty of the Complutense University of Madrid. He has been the director of several doctoral thesis and co-author of numerous papers on the volcanism and hydrology of the Canary Islands.

Jaime Coello Bravo is an environmentalist and director of the Telesforo Bravo-Juan Coello Foundation. The latter is dedicated to research and training in Earth Sciences especially in the Canary Islands and other volcanic territories; the dissemination of the great natural and environmental worth of the Canaries (particularly its geological value) with particular emphasis on the relationships between the nature of volcanic island and societies that inhabit them; and developing initiatives to assist in the preservation of the geological heritage and geodiversity of volcanic islands.