Intensification pulses in the low frequency range continue

Intensification pulses in the low frequency range continue

Earthquake magnitudes, intensity, and quantity increase and deflation of the eruptive centre is observed.

Group: Geological report
Source: Noticias e informe mensual de vigilancia

Since the last statement, 72 earthquakes have been located in area. The maximum magnitude recorded in this period is 4.3 (mbLg) corresponding to an earthquake that occurred at 03:10 UTC located 35 km deep under the central area of the island and that was felt by the population with a maximum intensity of IV (EMS). The mean amplitude of volcanic tremor continues in a medium range of values with respect to the observations measured during
this eruption, with some intensification pulses in the last hours observed in the low frequency range. The height of the scattering cloud measured at 08:00 UTC is estimated to be 4,200 m. The island’s network of permanent GNSS stations does not show a clear trend in the deformation of the stations closest to the eruptive centers after reversing that recorded in recent days in LP03.”

This video taken on the 17th of October shows 4 simultaneously active vents which are distributed and described from the Northwest to the Southeast; The Northwest vent is at the lowest level and is the only one that is emitting lava flows. The next one is an emission centre located at the highest level acting with intermittent strombolian activity. The third vent is the main lava source and has continuous strombolian activity. The Southeast vent and last to appear arose three days ago with phreatomagmatic activity. Sourced from IGME (2021).

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