two large earthquakes experienced across multiple canary islands.

two large earthquakes experienced across multiple canary islands.

Phreatomagic activity is reduced and strombolian activity continues.

Source: Noticias e informe mensual de vigilancia volcánica

Since the last statement, 130 earthquakes have been located in the area. 16 of these earthquakes have been felt by the population. The largest earthquake was the one that occurred at 7:27:39 (UTC) today, with a magnitude of 5.0 mbLg at 35 km, this earthquake was immediately preceded by an earthquake of 4.8 magnitude mbLg. The two quakes were felt by the populations on the island of La Palma, and in some populations of La Gomera and Tenerife but were experienced as one prolonged quake. In the period considered, 5 earthquakes have been located at depths around 30 km, and the rest of the hypocenters of the period are located at a shallower depth, around 12 km.
The amplitude of the volcanic tremor signal has lower levels, without intensification pulses. The island’s network of permanent GNSS stations does not show a clear trend in the deformation of the stations closest to the eruptive centres, while in the stations further away a slight deflation is maintained, possibly related to deep seismicity. Using a calibrated image, IGN estimates a column height of 2,700 m at 07:45 UTC.

This video taken on the 3rd of November shows lava flows, lava tubes, and fumaroles, which continue to be active despite reduced eruptive behaviour at the eruptive centres. Sourced from IGME (2021).

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