La Palma update 15th September 2021: Seismic swarm continues

La Palma update 15th september 2021: Seismic swarm continues

Daily summary

As the seismic swarm continues to intensify, PEVOLCA maintains the yellow traffic light in the municipalities of El Paso, Los Llanos de Aridane, Mazo and Fuencaliente, although comments that there is still no evidence of an imminent eruption. Over the last couple of days, the seismicity has become displaced to the northwest relative to the focus at the beginning of the swarm, and the average depth has decreased and is now between 6-8 km. Additionally, today some lower magnitude earthquakes have been detected much nearer the surface (1-3 km).

The earthquake activity is now being accompanied by surface deformation recorded by GPS stations across La Palma. A maximum of 6 cm of vertical inflation has been recorded so far, coincident with the location of greatest seismicity. However, a point is made that gradual increases in seismic activity prior to a volcanic eruption can last for a long time, so the population should not panic. Nonetheless, following the civil protection advice afforded by the yellow traffic light, it is recommended to pack a small travel bag in the case of an evacuation with essential documents and other belongings, have a place to stay outside the at-risk areas, and to notify the local authorities if you would require mobility assistance in the event of an eruption.

Sources: Government of the Canary Islands, PEVOLCA, Involcan, IGN, DSN, Cabildo La Palma, 112 Canarias

A map of La Palma, the earthquakes are getting shallower and more numerous with time, and remain concentrated in the south of the island

The time, location and magnitude of earthquakes recorded by IGN since the beginning of the seismic swarm on the 11th September. Image credit: IGN


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