Volcanoes have both fascinated us as a species and facilitated our development for millennia; owing to the many benefits of living on volcanic lands, such as fertile soils, building materials, and tourism many communities have chosen to make their home on the flanks of active volcanoes across the world (Brown et al., 2015). However, despite all that they offer us, volcanoes can take everything away, and change our lives in an instant. For those living on volcanic lands, it is crucial to understand the risks associated with living close to a volcano. How individuals think about understanding that risk is called Risk Perception.

Lava Bombs 2: The Reconstruction Premieres on La Palma at Teatro Chico cinema. The hard-hitting film follows on from the prequel Lava Bombs: Truths Behind the Volcano, and analyses the current situation on the island and the progress of reconstruction of the island, through the voices of those affected. 63 more homes opened in Puerto Naos: From 18th March, 63 more homes, located in the green, orange and red zones of the town, have been opened up for their inhabitants. The €1.7 million fine imposed on the Insular Water Council in 2023 for the nature of the installation of the Las Hoyas-Remo pipeline has expired

• GeoTenerife attends Cities on Volcanoes: GeoTenerife and international collaborators attended the Cities on Volcanoes Conference in Antigua, Guatemala, to share their research and lessons learnt from La Palma with a global volcanological audience •Current aid summary: The public resources reaching La Palma after the volcano have reached €950 million. •Water recovery: Work is ongoing to recovery drinking water to the coastal areas Corujo and Cabrera in Tazacorte, that were both affected by the eruption and have been without drinking water in their homes since.