Among research outputs related to the eruption in the last month was an ecological and evolutionary investigation by PhD student María Guerrero and colleagues at the University of Malaga during the eruption. One conclusion was that for the first time, a link between the ‘woodiness’ of a plant has been linked to resilience to volcanic eruptions, as they found woody plants survived whereas many more herbaceous plants could not tolerate the conditions of the eruption.

Work has begun to on the La Laguna – Las Norias road across the lava flow field to install streetlights, allowing the road to be open 24 hours a day. Previously the road, which sees 5,500 crossings per day, was only open from 6am-10pm, which prevented the ability of some people to work or return to their homes if their work was on the other side of the lava flows, according to president of the Las Manchas Resident’s Association Jenny Sanchez.